BrainPill Improve Brain Health With BrainPill™

BrainPill™ is the new kid on the block. An entirely new nootropic which everyone is talking about.  Unlike other brain boosters out there, it has been endorsed by someone who should know all about how to keep memory sharp and that is Ken Jennings of Jeopardy.


There are other things BrainPill™ that can help with like improving your intelligence and enabling you to learn new skills. Having a better memory can help you improve cognitively in so many ways and help your brain as well.


This is all because of the components in BrainPill™  The cognitive sharpener uses a leading group of natural nootropics that increase awareness, boost memory and keep the brain in tip top condition. Lets take a look.

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Phosphatidylserine– Mentioning ‘other’ omega-3 fats, phosphatidylserine (PS) is among them. It deals with DHA to carry out numerous necessary brain functions and is connected to enhanced concentration, state of mind and short-term memory. PS appears to assist function of neurotransmitters, boost glucose absorption and merely ‘reverse the clock’ on the aging brain.


DHA Complex– DHA is an omega-3 fat. Yes, you have actually become aware of those and the brain-boosting advantages connected to then– to name a few things, DHA deals with other omega-3s to fluidize proteins, which is important to assist the brain develop and keep its memory. The much better your memory, the much better your brain function.

Huperzine A–

This is a native plant of India and its beneficial properties are just becoming known. Without being too technical about it, it seems to stop a particular neurotransmitter in the brain breaking down and therby increasing awareness and the passing of messages between cells allowing the memory to function at optimum


Cognizine– This is a water-soluble substance that happens naturally in every cell in your body. It plays a significant function in brain function, and leads to enhanced focus, concentration and precision. You might also show much better efficiency and speed on cognitive tests.brainpill brain booster


Theanine– Another amino acid, generally discovered in green tea, research studies recommend that theanine enhances knowing and memory. Theanine might have a neuro-protective result on the brain, and appears to promote the exact same brain waves that are turned on when you practice meditation.



Vitamin B12– There have been research studies showing those with low levels of this vitamin were much more likely to have brain issues than the norm and this water soluble vitamin (which means it is eliminated from the body much more quickly) is linked to greater cognitive abililty and memory function.


Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)– Pantothenic acid is a necessary nutrient that supports a crucial neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. The latter is in some cases called ‘the memory chemical’ due to the fact that of the function it plays in brain function.


Vinpocetine– Vinpocetine is an extract of the periwinkle plant and well-recognized for its memory-boosting capacity. Research studies recommend that vinpocetine assists vascular blood circulation in the brain, increases production of ATP and enhances the brain’s usage of oxygen and glucose.

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Tyrosine – Is an interesting amino acid which has been found to increase levels of dopamine a chemical which both helps with concentration and increased energy levels.


Synapsa– This is a standardized extract of bacopa monnieiri– a nootropic herbs with various research studies that connect it to much better working memory and visual processing speed. A 1996 research study discovered it decreased time to find out brand-new abilities by practically 50%.


Ginkgo Biloba– This ancient Chinese herb delights in a long history of usage for its memory-boosting impacts. Ends up the ancients understood their things– modern-day research studies connect ginkgo biloba to considerable enhancements in short-term memory, psychological efficiency and social performance.


The cognitive booster uses an all-star group of natural nootropics that increase awareness, improve memory and keep the brain in leading type. It works with DHA to carry out numerous necessary brain functions and is connected to enhanced concentration, state of mind and short-term memory. It’s absolutely nothing brief of poetry for your brain– proof recommends B vitamins like folic acid might have slower cognitive decrease than other folks. Attempt BrainPill™   to enhance your memory.


Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)– Your body utilizes folic acid to assist make DNA and RNA and deals with vitamin B12 making red cell and utilize iron throughout the body. It’s absolutely nothing except poetry for your brain– proof recommends B vitamins like folic acid might have slower cognitive decrease than other folks. That’s why it’s front row and center in the BrainPill™   formula!


Folic acid is necessary to make the red blood cells and take up the iron and send it round the body. It’s a very important acid and works in conjunction with vitamin b12. Low levels of folic acid have been linked to cognitive decline and its one of the most important BrainPill™   ingredients.


Use  BrainPill™ to enhance your memory. Integrate it with the memory-boosting pointers we have actually talked about in this post, and you actually do have an unreasonable benefit. Your memory will like it too, and you might lastly have an option to that pain-in-the-butt problem of where you left your secrets!

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Improving Memory With Geniux

improving memoryWe are living longer than ever, and that means that we need to remember more than ever before. To live well, and enjoy life, it is important to be able to rely on good memory. Learning how improving memory can be fun, but, to remember  better can be even more fun. Let’s put it this way, your memory needs to come out and play a bit every day. Doing so will help to improve your memory, and you will also find that you remember “better” as I like to call it. I “play” with my memory every day, and I have to say that I really get a kick out of it. It is not difficult at all and it can be very enjoyable. As a matter of fact, it gives me the ultimate feel good factor.

Glenda’s Tips for Improving Memory

Being an owner of an active dog, I have to walk a couple of hours ever day. During my walks with my dog Sadie, I often stop to look at plants and flowers. Ever since I have been a little girl I have taken a keen interest in plants, and have both drawn and photographed them. On my walks, I come across new plants all of the time, and I photograph them. When I come back home, I look them up and may even write about them. Making a note of the Latin name of the plant is second nature to me, and helps me to play with my memory. The next time I see the plant, I try to remember the Latin name. So far, I have learned, and can remember, the Latin names of over 100 plants in the local area.
Reading is important to me as well. It is an activity that has been part of my daily life for a very long time. It may sound funny, I need to read something every day. When I start a new book, I make a little note of the main characters and what they are all about. This is actually a little tip that I picked up from a clever lady called Agatha Christie. Before I sit down and read my book again, I check with my own memory if I have remembered the characters correctly, and I then check my notes. Agatha Christie used to do the same thing before she started to write every day.
Crosswords really rock my world. My husband loves to watch car programmes on TV. It is not really my sort of thing, so I do crossword instead. I was born into a very international family in Venice, Italy and from the onset I seemed to have learned a number of languages. Today, I keep many of those languages alive by doing crosswords. But of course, I have to get my Italian “fix” from time to time, so we do travel to Italy. Would you like to know something funny which only happens to me in Italy? When somebody speaks to me in another language in Italy, my brain automatically translates into Italian. The only language I can “hear in my head” is Italian. Isn’t the brain amazing?

How to Improve Your Memory

I know that keeping my memory alive is vital. My great grandma died at the age of 107 years young a few years a go. Up until the day she died, she had excellent memory. Perhaps it was the Italian wine, or the healthy food she ate, but she did have a fantastic memory. She was a great believer in health foods and was one of the first in my family to jump on the supplement band wagon. As a physician, she did not see this as anything negative and was a staunch supporter of natural medicine every day of her life.

In order to say healthy, she took a range of supplements and thought they helped. A great believer in the power of herbs and natural vitamins, she took a vitamin B supplement every day of her life along with a supplement of Gingko Biloba plus ate half a bunch of celery for its high content of vital amino acids . My grandma was one of the healthiest people that I have ever known and I am following her lead. By taking a memory boosting supplement,I feel that I am getting the right mix of the necessary brain boosting ingredients which go a long way to improving memory.
Natural supplements have come along way in recent years. They are far more complete, and many of them contain a variety of health giving compounds. We know today that boosting your brain health is very important, perhaps we should all consider adding the right supplement to our daily diet, live for longer and LIVE BETTER.


Do I Need Max Synapse?

genbrain/inteligenYou Have Arrived At This Inteligen/GenBrain Page Because Geniux or Maxsynapse Is NOT Available Within Your Country

Inteligen/GenBrain Is Available Worldwide !

If you did not think that you needed some kind of cognitive enhancement drug, we would not be having this conversation. The question is why you need Inteligen/ GenBrain, not do you need Inteligen/GenBrain. What is going on with our brains and why do we all of a sudden need to take nootropic supplements? The truth is simple, our brains are subject to all  sorts of environmental hazards these days. It would be easy to think that we could just step away from them, but we can’t. They are everywhere. Compounds that affect our brains can be found in food and even the air that we breathe. We find them in household cleaners and in simple things like deodorants. Some of these substances can start aging us quicker than we like, and even lead to brain stress.



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What Is Brain Stress and Can Nootropics Help?

Have you ever experienced any of the following symptoms:

Confusion – you are stood in the kitchen making a cup of coffee and all of a sudden find yourself wondering where the cups are kept. You look in one cupboard and then in the other. This is a sign of Brain Stress.

Reading – what is happening to your reading skills? You have just read a sentence and realized that you cannot remember the name of the main characters in the book. Despite what you might think, this is another sign of brain stress.

Energy – are you feeling tired more often, or do you find that you have only short burst of energy? This can be another sign of Brain Stress.

I am not getting that much done – low energy AND low productivity are both linked to Brain Stress. You were planning to get the garden done, but instead you ended up sitting in an armchair.

Can MaxSynapse help? Yes, it can but there are a few more things that you need to know first of all. This is all round supplement, so it is vital that you get to know how it works.


Why Is This Happening To Me, and Can MaxSynapse Really Help?

That is a really good question. Yes, environmental factors do influence the way our brains function, but so do the things that we do not get into our bodies. Maxsynapse pills contains both vitamin B6 and B12 that are known to enhance brain function, and most of us do lack vitamin B.

In many ways your brain is not getting enough energy to function well, and this is one of the reasons you are experiencing all of these different “malfunctions”. Can they be corrected? Yes, they can be corrected, but you really need to look after your brain all of the time. At the end of the day, we rely on our brains for so much, but yet we seldom seem to be prepared to look after them.

Have you ever wondered why people are not prepared to look after their brains? Once again the answer is simple. It is rather complicated to look after the brain, and it is not always easy to find a solution which is user friendly. The solution can be made simple, and comes to you in the form of Max Synapse. max synapse brain power

What is So Special About Max Synapse?

Max Synapse nootropic pills are actually an user friendly solution to a very complicated issue. What does your brain need to function well? I know that you are probably busy trying to think of some fantastic answer, but the answer is simple. It is all about energy.

Our bodies use an infinite amount of energy every day, and more than anything, your body uses energy in many different ways. The developers of the MaxSynapse supplement have realized this and made the energy component of Max Synapse really stand out.

Energy is used by the brain every time you think, blink or read a sentence. First of all, energy is part of clear thinking. If your brain does not have enough energy, you cannot think clearly. We may turn to caffeine to give our brain a quick energy boost, but this is often false economy. Caffeine and sugar is not really sustainable energy, and the energy that both compounds give the brain soon fizzle out.

The energy the brain gets from MaxSynapse is more sustainable, and will help to keep you thinking clearly throughout the day. Moreover, certain elements within the Max Synapse will help boost your creative thinking, and problem solving skills by opening up new path ways. It will also top up your general energy level, and you will soon find yourself out there finishing off that garden.

On top of that, the amino acid L-Carnitine in MaxSynapse will help to improve your cognitive function and you will achieve better memory recall. Good memory recall is a sign of good brain health, and should not be taken for granted. It is important to make a note of memory disturbances and make sure that you take some action. Caba, a tried and tested homeopathy treatment, will help to treat memory problems.

Once you are thinking clearer and better, you will start to realize that your productivity, or work rate, has increased as well. This is part of the process, but to achieve this, you must invest in better brain health on a long term basis. Max Synapse is the ideal partner.

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Can Max Synapse Do Any Harm?

It is unlikely that MaxSynapse pills will do you any harm. Most natural remedies such as MaxSynapse do not do you any harm at all. In fact, you will probably notice that MaxSynapse will not only do you brain good, it will help to support the rest of your body as well.

What Positive Effects Will I Notice When I Starting Using Max Synapse?

The first thing you will notice is that your energy levels will increase. Caba, the earlier mentioned homeopathy treatment, is known to boost energy. How does Caba boost energy? It is worth mentioning that homeopathy is in fact an energy healing system. It works totally different from treating a patient with conventional drugs.

Caba is related to increased circulation and increased body temperature. One of the benefits of increasing both circulation and body temperature, is that the rate of inflammation slows down. A lot of people who suffer from stress often complain about feeling cold. Caba can effectively deal with that by rebalancing body temperature. A better balance of body temperature will also allow your brain to function better. You will feel more aware and your concentration will sky rocket as you are in many ways more relaxed.

A lower inflammatory response is important when it comes to better memory recall. Inflammation can affect the brain, and one of the first symptoms is fussy or confused thinking. Your memory recall is not what it used to be. This symptom may be more pronounced in women  going through the peri menopause or the menopause. Lower levels of the hormone oestrogen can lead to confusion and poor memory due to slight increased inflammation in the brain.

Once you start to take the Max Synapse, you will also notice that you will feel more productive. This is down to increased energy levels and a result of better brain function as well. You may experience feelings of better organization and even experience “seeing a clearer picture.”

Caba has another interesting quality which is worth mentioning. It can be when used in combination with vitamin B6 and B12, a mood enhancer. It is very popular to turn to St John’s Wort as a natural mood enhancer, but this is not any longer necessary if you are using the Max Synapse complex.

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Who Should Take Max Synapse?

We all should consider taking supplements such as Max Synapse. Not only will Max Synapse help to enhance brain function, but it will protect the brain as well. However, there are a few groups in society that will benefit more from Maxsynapse than others.

Students studying for exams or working hard to meet college or university deadlines would benefit from Max Synapse. Not only will it give them more energy, but it will also aid concentration. Being able to concentrate and focus when you study for a test is very important.

Anybody feeling out of sorts, or finding that they have low energy levels, would benefit from Max Synapse. Often when you feel that way, you may think that you are bogged down by all of the problems in the world. Thinking straight is not easy, and finding the right way to some good creative thinking to solve your problems, may be even more difficult.


Are You Suffering from Poor Circulation?

Poor circulation is a very common health problem. You may experience that you are feeling cold, and your extremities such as hands or feet may feel cold. But, there is another symptom of poor circulation that doctors seldom mention, and that is poor brain function.

Long term poor circulation can result in poor memory function, low energy and problems with concentration. Yes, all of this can be contributed to a lack of vitamin B6 and B12 , but as the Max Synapse already contains B6 and B12, we don’t have to worry about a lack of these B vitamins.

Instead we should focus on another herb which can be found in the Max Synapse supplement. The herb is called Gingko Biloba and has for many thousands of years been used to treat poor circulation. People suffering from dizziness and neck pain are often recommended to take Gingko Biloba to increase circulation. The truth is that this herb works, and it can do so much more than to stop you feeling dizzy or experiencing feelings of vertigo.

Once again, if you are taking Gingko Bilkoba as a stand alone supplement, you don’t need to do so any longer once you have invested in the Max Synapse supplement.

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I Am Suffering From the Blues and Depression. Can Max Synapse Help Me?

Yes, it most certainly can. Caba will help to treat any kind of depression, but so will the amino acid L-Glutamine which is contained in Max Synapse. Until fairly recently we did not appreciate how important this amino acid was when it comes to treating depression.

Scientists found that a lot of people suffering from depression and anxiety often ate very small quantities of fresh foods such as vegetables and fruit. Naturally they wondered if there was a link. At first a lack of vitamin B was suspected, and sure enough a lot of patients with depression had very low levels of certain B vitamins. However, it was also discovered that the same patients had virtually non-existent levels of L-Glutamine. Once their levels of L- Glutamine were boosted, they started to feel better, and their memory recall also became a lot better.

L-Glutamine is a very popular stand alone supplement with many seniors, but in fact this amino acid works much better together with L-Carnitine, and this is why it has been added to the Max Synapse supplement. Together they can help to reduce stress, anxiety and improve cognitive function.

The Power Of Max Synapse

So, what is the real power of Max Synapse? The real power of Max Synapse is that it is not a stand alone supplement. Taking stand alone, or single supplements, may seem the ideal solution for many people, but it isn’t.

First of all, taking single supplements can work out very expensive, and you will find that a lot of them may not work together. If you want to look after your cognitive function and live a more energetic life – you are better of turning to combinations supplements such as Max Synapse.

The compounds found in Max Synapse can have some fantastic effects on your life. More than anything, they will go to work quickly, and you may find that you get back that spark that you thought you had lost quicker than you expect.

Help yourself to think better and feel better and add some sparkle into your life with Max Synapse. This supplement is the only nootropic supplement that you and your brain will need for the rest of your life.

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Nootropic Supplements: Natural Medicine For The Future And Today

nootropic supplements

Nootropic Supplements

As we are beginning to appreciate that good brain health is just as important as good joint health and circulatory health, we are becoming more and more interested in Nootropic supplements. However, to most of us this is virtually unknown and little talked about subject. Finding out more about available supplements can improve our health is important before we take them. This simple principle applies to Nootropic supplements as well.

What are the benefits of Nootropics and how they can help you, is the question that you should be asking yourself. Getting to know the supplements that you are taking is just as important as understanding when and how to take them. For instance, did you know that including calcium rich food in your diet can be important when using a Nootropic supplement routine? Calcium is not only important for our bones, but it has many other vital functions to fulfill within the body as well.

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Energy And Our Brain

If it wasn’t for energy our brain would not function. Energy is a vital function and a good quality Nootropic supplement such as Geniux will help to increase your overall energy levels. But why is energy so important?

Energy helps our brain to form vital neuro connections. Without the supply of energy, we would not be able to function, and we would certainly struggle with the most mundane tasks. It is energy which is at the moment helping up you to read this article, and memorize some of it.

You may not think that you are not asking your brain to memorize anything. Don’t worry, it is doing it automatically be forming visual neuro connections. A Nootropic supplement like Geniux will help to energize the brain by making the most of Siberian Ginseng, Guarana and the amino acid Acetyl- L-Carnitine just to help you complete the simplest brain functions.

Planning For The Future

Nootropics have never really been “fashionable or in vogue” supplements. They have been popular with many people who are keen to make the must out of their supplement regime. Once we start looking at the human body, we quickly come to realize that it is important to plan for tomorrow, and at least ten years into the future.

The food we eat helps us to lay down a good foundation for our health. This is a really important point to consider. However, at the same time, it is just as important to optimize our supplement routine to do the same thing. The supplement that we use to aid our diet, also contribute towards our future health.

It is always a good idea to consistently evaluate your supplement routine, and plan better for your future health.

Will Nootropics Become More Important As I Age?

Nootropics supplements will become more important as we age. They make the ideal investment supplement, and it does not really matter at what stage of life we are at, a Nootropic supplement can always help.

Nootropics Ingredients

Before you buy a Nootropic supplement, you really must check out the ingredients. Gingko biloba should certainly be on that ingredients list. Good blood supply and circulation is very important for the brain and the rest of the body. Gingko is just one of the many ingredients that go towards making Geniux such a good supplement.

Acacia Rigidula is a herb that is receiving a lot of attention from scientists at the moment. It is thought that it can help us to concentrate. After all, we know that concentration is important when it comes to the simplest daily tasks such as driving a car or preparing a meal.

Feeling good about ourselves can sometimes be more difficult as we age. St Johns Wort which is also found in Geniux, can help to enhance our mood and may even prevent depression. It can also help to keep our hormones in balance. A good hormonal balance is important for both men and women.

Glutamine can help us during times of stress. It is also found in a good quality Nootropic supplement. When we suffer stress our brain can suffer from energy loss, and glutamine will help us to counteract this. Not only that, but glutamine will help to control blood fats as well.

As we age, our brain also finds it more difficult to produce dopamine. We know a lot about the function of dopamine within the brain. Above all, we appreciate that it is important to have healthy levels of dopamine to sleep well, and make good neuro connections. But what else can dopamine be used for? Scientists are learning more every day, and some say that we are on the verge of a major breakthrough.

Tyrosine in the Geniux supplement helps us to achieve better dopamine levels. Dopamine have recently hit the headlines as scientists now believe it is important to have good dopamine levels to protect the immune system. It turns out whilst we sleep, the neuro transmitters controlled by the brain’s level of dopamine, go to work. They work together with the immune system to find out sources of infection, and cells that are in need of repair.

You can certainly understand why there is so much focus on healthy dopamine levels, and without tyrosine, our brains just would not be able to produce dopamine at all. No wonder there is an increased interest in Nootropic supplements.

What is the future of Nootropic medicine and supplements? It is clear that most scientists are now realizing that the natural solution is the best. Eating a healthy diet rich in natural sources of calcium such as algae might explain why the aging population in Japan have a lower incident of dementia related disorders.

It is not only one ingredient or magic component that will keep our brains healthy. The fact is that we need to ensure that we take the right supplement, and eat the right diet, to keep ourselves healthy. Our health will not come from only one source, it will come from many different sources.

Looking closer at Nootropics, it is clear the benefits of Nootropics and how they can help you, are more important than ever before.


CogniQ Supplement Review

What Exactly is CogniQ?

what is cogniqCogniQ is a new pharmaceutical grade purely natural nootropic health supplement that claims an increase in cell membrane strength, protects your mind from neuro-toxins, and improve cognitive functions like memory and thought.

We’ve reviewed a few other nootropics and quite often found frustrating results. Will CogniQ join the list of poor performing products or perhaps is it a brilliant pill for that brain of yours?

Created by Deep Sea Nutrition, CogniQ is purportedly the ultimate smart pill that radically boosts your mental function and health. In fact, CogniQ claims to be a revolutionary new breakthrough product that can offer “the best brain of your life” while at the same time protecting against illness, reversing mental decline, and “dramatically improving the quality of your life.”

CogniQ even takes it one step further and claims it can make your brain “12 years younger” in a matter of days, which is a pretty steep state they make in today’s world. Can CogniQ really deliver though? Let’s have a look at the ingredients and learn.

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Ingredients in CogniQ

CogniQ contains several natural ingredients made to improve your cognitive abilities. Listed below are the ingredients in CogniQ:

– Bacopin

– Ginkgo Biloba

– Vinpocetine

– Acetyl-l-carnitine

– Phosphatidylserine

– Glutamine

– St. John’s Wort


Only a few of these ingredients have any type of scientific evidence to back up their claims. However, individually there is a lot of support for them. Bacopin continues to be to proven to “ boost memory in healthy brains” and ginkgo biloba has been used to boost symptoms linked to dementia and vision loss for years and years.

Vinpocetine can improve critical thinking skills and Phosphatidylserine shows up as “possibly effective” for treating age-related mental decline of those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

However, we had been not able to find any scientific facts showing that the remainder of the ingredients had any effects upon cognitive functions. Glutamine and St. John’s Wort have other benefits, but we were not able to find benefits associated with cognitive enhancement. Get More Information On CogniQ Supplement by reading the list of Geniux Ingredients

Potential Benefits of CogniQ

cogniq ingredientsCogniQ advertisers their product on multilple web sites and lists several benefits of their product, specifically:

– Enchancment In Memory Recall

– Happier Mood

– Improved Concentration And Productiveness

– Improved Critical Thinking Skills

– Improve Reaction Time

– Plus Much More

CogniQ claims their product provides users by using these benefits in just a couple of days. Actually, they are saying there product can make your mind “12 years younger within days.”

Negative Effects of CogniQ

While we didn’t notice any major unwanted effects connected with CogniQ from others reviews we found online, we all do know that a number of the ingredients included in CogniQ might cause unwanted effects.

Vinpocetine as an example may cause headache, nervousness, and sleep problems. St. John’s Wort may also cause restlessness, light headedness, headache, vivid dreams and diarrhea.

It’s safe to say that while CogniQ is unlikely to get any major negative effect on your health, there exists still a risk that you could experience unwanted effects – especially during the first few days.

CogniQ Pricing

CogniQ fails to offer a “free trial” offer of the product and instead lets you purchase it outright. CogniQ can be obtained for the following purchasing options:

– 1 Bottle: $69.95 Free Shipping

– 2 Bottles: $119.80

– 4 Bottles: 199.80

Irrespective of which package you select, CogniQ provides a 90-day refund guarantee, minus S&H charges. On a few of CogniQ’s advertisements, they are saying they will provide you with a check for $100 if you’re dissatisfied, although we haven’t found anyone who can confirm this for all of us.cogniq review guarantee

If you find yourself wanting a refund, you should contact their customer support at 1-800-287-9221.

Is CogniQ Worth Buying?

After digesting this all information, the burning question really is – should you spend your hard-earned money on CogniQ?

Usually the one obvious problem is that not every ingredient in CogniQ have clinical data, even though some certainly do, which is better than a number of other nootropic supplements we’ve reviewed. It would be nice in the event the manufacturer offered more evidence to back up their claims, although sometimes you must take what you get in the supplement industry.

After some extensive research we are more than happy to recommend CogniQ to the more middle aged to ageing group … the ingredients contained are so similar to a related product called Brainfire it is quite uncanny.Based on all this information and the inclusion from the 90-day money-back guarantee, we believe that CogniQ would be worth trying.

buy cogniq


Finding The Right Brain Supplements For You

What To Look For In Brain Supplements

brain boosting supplementsBrain supplements have become quite popular in the market and finding them should not be a problem. During the course of life, people experience memory losses and various deficiencies partly as a direct result of aging and also due to different factors. The demand for brain supplements keeps growing especially since people want to become more active to deal with the ever increasing challenges of modern lifestyles. When looking for brain boosting supplements, there are a few things to take note of. Not all products sold as brain supplements are safe and while retailers will often promote their offers as the ultimate options, this is seldom the case. So how do you find the best supplement that will meet your requirements without compromising on health?

Brain or memory supplements are basically taken to enhance various brain functions that range from activeness to cognition, intense focus, memory retention, awareness and even relaxation. There are different types of supplements that exist today although not all are approved. It is thus important to keenly evaluate any supplement you are feeding your brain. Some of the things to look for in brain supplements include the following;

• Has the supplement been carefully researched? – It is very important to consider the extent of research done on brain supplements before you start using them. While research reports, documents and charts may not make much sense to people who are not scientists, it is still wise to look for information about the research studies and results. There are many private label generic supplements sold without comprehensive research and using such products only increase risks. Approval by quality assurance organizations and government authorities should be a positive sign that a given level of research was done. Nonetheless, there is much information hidden within research reports that can help you determine whether a given supplement is good for your health. If the supplement produced a given undesirable outcome is certain groups, then you may want to know if you belong to that group.

• Find your therapeutic dosage –Therapeutic dosage is simply the minimum nutrient determined to produce real benefits. Knowing your therapeutic dose is important as it prevents you from over-consumption of thee supplements thus reducing dependency. You may find one-ingredient supplements to be effective enough to boost your brain functions. Vegetarians for instance may only need vitamin B12. Of course it makes more sense to go for blended supplements since they offer more ingredients and better outcomes. Watch keenly for products that contain miniscule amounts of certain expensive ingredients added just to include them in the label. What’s more, watch for kitchen sink products that have many ingredients on the label than in the actual supplement. In order to know your therapeutic dosage, it is advisable to visit a professional doctor and talk to them about your brain condition and what you want to achieve with supplements.

• Cost and value – While price should be the least of your concerns when looking for brain boosting supplements, it is still important especially when making comparisons across different alternatives. Is the supplement worth the price? What are the benefits and how much more does it offer more than other options. Compare cost versus value and then choose a supplement that is worth your money.

• Company reputation – Reputation is one of the most important aspects of any business and stands at the core of branding. A company that produces low quality products with undesirable results will never have good reputation regardless of how effective they market those products. On the other hand, reliable companies that have provided safe effective supplements in the past will enjoy a good reputation within the area. It is therefore encouraged to look through comments, opinions and reviews given by previous and current users of the supplement. This will give you a clear picture of how effective the supplement is. Look past the flashy promotional testimonials provided in the manufacturer’s website and find real insights from both experts and actual users who have first hand experience with the product.

There are many other minor things to consider when looking for the best brain supplement for you. Aspects of standardized herbal extracts versus whole herb extracts, manufacturer website information and credibility of the business are all important. If everything looks over-hyped and less professional, much of the purported benefits are probably falsified.

What is the best supplement and where can you find them?

It is quite overwhelming to pinpoint a single product as the best supplement. It all depends on your specific requirements. When some people look to cure diseases like Alzheimer, others just want a supplement that will keep them more active during the day or night or help them remember their commitments. As aforesaid, finding brain supplements should not be a daunting task and there is probably a store selling them somewhere close to your residence. Using the evaluations provided above will assist you in getting the right product for your needs and budget. Most manufacturers own professionally built websites where information about the supplement and how you can purchase is provided. Some of the popular supplements that enjoy good reviews among users include Ginko Biloba, Omega-3 fatty acid, Huperzine-A, Asian/Panax Ginseng, Acetyl-L-earnitine and Vitamin E.


Brain supplements can help you increase your brain functions tremendously and lead to a more active, healthy and happier lifestyle. However, it is important to find safe approved and effective products that will not only meet your requirements but also have no negative impact. Users are advised to purchase supplements from credible licensed distributors who can guarantee original genuine quality. Money-back guarantees are attractive but should not be reason enough to purchase a supplement that can potentially increase health risks.


What Vitamin Helps with Memory ?

What Vitamins Help with Memory: 7 Vitamins Make a Difference

vitamins for memoryWhat vitamin helps with memory ?

For someone suffering from Alzheimer’s or memory loss in general, there are some vitamins which are believed to help or prevent memory loss. Research continues to study the effectiveness of these vitamins on memory but strong evidence suggests an impact.

Vitamin E
Why Vitamin E?

One of several antioxidants, Vitamin E is sometimes prescribed to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The results of several studies are promising, but inconclusive. Some evidence suggests antioxidants have the ability to reduce the chemical wear and tear which occurs in brain cells and other tissues in the body.

Research Results

The first use of Vitamin E for Alzheimer’s resulted from a study in the late 1990’s. The study indicated patients who took high doses of Vitamin E experienced a slower loss of the ability to perform daily activities. In 2005, another study indicated there was no cognitive improvement seen in patients who took Vitamin E.

In a 2014 study, patients taking a high dose of Vitamin E experienced a 19% slower rate of decline in their ability to carry out daily activities. This was in comparison to participants who took placebos. While these results are encouraging, there was no evidence indicating any significant memory improvement. It is important to note that high doses of Vitamin E are not recommended as patients then run the risk of coronary artery disease.

Sources of Vitamin E

While you can get Vitamin E through supplements, there are several food sources that provide a natural dose:

· Dry, roasted sunflower seeds

· Almonds

· Cooked spinach

· Safflower oil

· Cooked beet greens

· Pumpkin

· Raw red peppers

· Cooked asparagus

· Cooked collard greens

· Swordfish

· Mango

· Avocado

· Peanut butter

It is recommended that no more than 1,000 IU of Vitamin E is taken in supplement form. When eating the foods listed above, roughly 15 milligrams should be consumed. Most of those foods, by themselves, don’t contain 15 mg, but that quantity can be reached through a combination.

Vitamins E and C Together
The Power of the Combination

It is believed that when Vitamin E and Vitamin C are combined, the progression of memory loss and the onset of Alzheimer’s is slowed. When taken together, E and C improve cardiovascular health, which feeds more oxygen to the brain. The improvement occurs due to their ability to reduce harmful buildup occurring on artery walls. The benefit of taking them together appears to be greater than taking either by itself.

Food Sources of Vitamin C

There are several food sources of Vitamin C:

· Papaya

· Bell peppers

· Broccoli

· Brussels sprouts

· Strawberries

· Pineapple

· Oranges

· Kiwi

· Cantaloupe

· Cauliflower

Many of the above will provide at least 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA). The last four provide between 75% and 93% of the RDA. If taking Vitamin C in supplement form, 500-1,000 IU is optimal.

Vitamin C
Benefits of Vitamin C

By itself, Vitamin C is an antioxidant, protecting the brain from damage caused by free radicals, which cause brain cell degeneration leading to Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke. Vitamin C is widely known as minimizing the symptoms suffered during a cold or seasonal allergies, but it is also believed to improve memory, IQ and mental functions. Vitamin C also acts as a natural treatment for depression due to its ability to increase the production of an important neurotransmitter, serotonin.

Vitamin D
How Vitamin D Helps

Vitamin D can also be viewed as a vitamin which helps with memory. From birth through adulthood, Vitamin D has a significant impact on the brain. It is one of the few vitamins, however, which does not often come from a food source, but rather from exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D has been shown to improve problem solving ability and memory. It is also believed to slow the decline of cognitive abilities and help ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Sources of Vitamin D

There are few food sources of Vitamin D, but for those who live in northern climates, the sun may not be an adequate source either. When the level or amount of sunshine is not adequate for Vitamin D production, supplements are recommended. Additionally, Vitamin D can be found in these foods:

· Cod liver oil

· Salmon

· Mackerel

· Tuna

· Sardines

· Mushrooms

· Fortified milk

About 600 IU of Vitamin D is recommended for most adults, with 800 IU being recommended for those 71 years old and over.

B-Complex Vitamins Help with Memory
How the Complex Works

In a major Oxford study, Vitamins B 6, B 12 and folic acid were all found to reduce atrophy of the brain when they are taken together. The study indicated that these three, when combined, reduced the level of shrinkage which occurs in the area of the brain which is most significantly affected by Alzheimer’s. The combination was also found to improve overall brain function. These vitamins work so effectively because they produce essential neurotransmitters, including dopamine, which helps with focus.

B-12 Deficiency

When someone describes themselves as feeling as if they are in a fog, they are likely experiencing a B-12 deficiency, but they’re not alone as nearly 40% of Americans don’t get enough B-12. A deficiency of B-12 has been associated with dementia and other brain disorders. Getting adequate B-12 is more of a challenge for seniors and vegetarians. Seniors tend to be less able to absorb B-12 and vegetarians do not get adequate B-12 because B-12 is found in animal sources.

Sources of B Vitamins

Sources of B-12 include:

· Meat

· Fish

· Poultry

· Eggs

· Dairy

B-Complex vitamins can be found in these foods:

· Green, leafy vegetables

· Legumes

· Fruit

· Eggs

· Fish

· Poultry

· Bananas

· Carrots

· Spinach

· Peas

· Potatoes

Vitamin K
How Vitamin K works

In a recent study, Vitamin K was found to improve verbal episodic memory, which, simply stated, means when someone lays their keys down they will be better able to find them later. The study found no other benefits relating to the brain, but this result is important as it does show positive results for memory trace. Vitamin K benefits the body in many other ways, including improved bone health, immunity and vascular system. Vitamin K is most often found in dark leafy vegetables and greens. Unfortunately, Vitamin K requires a high fat diet for it to be properly absorbed in the body, so as many as 99% of Americans do not get enough.

A Balanced Diet is Key

In order to get enough in what vitamin helps with memory, a balanced diet which includes the foods listed here is recommended. When this isn’t enough or where the foods may not be available, supplements, not to exceed the RDA are recommended.


Brain Supplements: Finding The Right Brain Boosting Supplements

What To Look For In Brain Supplements

brain boosting supplementsBrain supplements have become quite popular in the market and finding them should not be a problem. During the course of life, people experience memory losses and various deficiencies partly as a direct result of aging and also due to different factors. The demand for brain supplements keeps growing especially since people want to become more active to deal with the ever increasing challenges of modern lifestyles. When looking for brain boosting supplements, there are a few things to take note of. Not all products sold as brain supplements are safe and while retailers will often promote their offers as the ultimate options, this is seldom the case. So how do you find the best supplement that will meet your requirements without compromising on health?

Brain or memory supplements are basically taken to enhance various brain functions that range from activeness to cognition, intense focus, memory retention, awareness and even relaxation. There are different types of supplements that exist today although not all are approved. It is thus important to keenly evaluate any supplement you are feeding your brain. Some of the things to look for in brain supplements include the following;



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Brain supplements can help you increase your brain functions tremendously and lead to a more active, healthy and happier lifestyle. However, it is important to find safe approved and effective products that will not only meet your requirements but also have no negative impact. Users are advised to purchase supplements from credible licensed distributors who can guarantee original genuine quality. Money-back guarantees are attractive but should not be reason enough to purchase a supplement that can potentially increase health risks.