CogniQ Supplement Review

What Exactly is CogniQ?

what is cogniqCogniQ is a new pharmaceutical grade purely natural nootropic health supplement that claims an increase in cell membrane strength, protects your mind from neuro-toxins, and improve cognitive functions like memory and thought.

We’ve reviewed a few other nootropics and quite often found frustrating results. Will CogniQ join the list of poor performing products or perhaps is it a brilliant pill for that brain of yours?

Created by Deep Sea Nutrition, CogniQ is purportedly the ultimate smart pill that radically boosts your mental function and health. In fact, CogniQ claims to be a revolutionary new breakthrough product that can offer “the best brain of your life” while at the same time protecting against illness, reversing mental decline, and “dramatically improving the quality of your life.”

CogniQ even takes it one step further and claims it can make your brain “12 years younger” in a matter of days, which is a pretty steep state they make in today’s world. Can CogniQ really deliver though? Let’s have a look at the ingredients and learn.

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Ingredients in CogniQ

CogniQ contains several natural ingredients made to improve your cognitive abilities. Listed below are the ingredients in CogniQ:

– Bacopin

– Ginkgo Biloba

– Vinpocetine

– Acetyl-l-carnitine

– Phosphatidylserine

– Glutamine

– St. John’s Wort


Only a few of these ingredients have any type of scientific evidence to back up their claims. However, individually there is a lot of support for them. Bacopin continues to be to proven to “ boost memory in healthy brains” and ginkgo biloba has been used to boost symptoms linked to dementia and vision loss for years and years.

Vinpocetine can improve critical thinking skills and Phosphatidylserine shows up as “possibly effective” for treating age-related mental decline of those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

However, we had been not able to find any scientific facts showing that the remainder of the ingredients had any effects upon cognitive functions. Glutamine and St. John’s Wort have other benefits, but we were not able to find benefits associated with cognitive enhancement. Get More Information On CogniQ Supplement by reading the list of Geniux Ingredients

Potential Benefits of CogniQ

cogniq ingredientsCogniQ advertisers their product on multilple web sites and lists several benefits of their product, specifically:

– Enchancment In Memory Recall

– Happier Mood

– Improved Concentration And Productiveness

– Improved Critical Thinking Skills

– Improve Reaction Time

– Plus Much More

CogniQ claims their product provides users by using these benefits in just a couple of days. Actually, they are saying there product can make your mind “12 years younger within days.”

Negative Effects of CogniQ

While we didn’t notice any major unwanted effects connected with CogniQ from others reviews we found online, we all do know that a number of the ingredients included in CogniQ might cause unwanted effects.

Vinpocetine as an example may cause headache, nervousness, and sleep problems. St. John’s Wort may also cause restlessness, light headedness, headache, vivid dreams and diarrhea.

It’s safe to say that while CogniQ is unlikely to get any major negative effect on your health, there exists still a risk that you could experience unwanted effects – especially during the first few days.

CogniQ Pricing

CogniQ fails to offer a “free trial” offer of the product and instead lets you purchase it outright. CogniQ can be obtained for the following purchasing options:

– 1 Bottle: $69.95 Free Shipping

– 2 Bottles: $119.80

– 4 Bottles: 199.80

Irrespective of which package you select, CogniQ provides a 90-day refund guarantee, minus S&H charges. On a few of CogniQ’s advertisements, they are saying they will provide you with a check for $100 if you’re dissatisfied, although we haven’t found anyone who can confirm this for all of us.cogniq review guarantee

If you find yourself wanting a refund, you should contact their customer support at 1-800-287-9221.

Is CogniQ Worth Buying?

After digesting this all information, the burning question really is – should you spend your hard-earned money on CogniQ?

Usually the one obvious problem is that not every ingredient in CogniQ have clinical data, even though some certainly do, which is better than a number of other nootropic supplements we’ve reviewed. It would be nice in the event the manufacturer offered more evidence to back up their claims, although sometimes you must take what you get in the supplement industry.

After some extensive research we are more than happy to recommend CogniQ to the more middle aged to ageing group … the ingredients contained are so similar to a related product called Brainfire it is quite uncanny.Based on all this information and the inclusion from the 90-day money-back guarantee, we believe that CogniQ would be worth trying.

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