Geniux And Dr Oz

Geniux and Dr Oz.

Whilst there have been suggestions that Dr Oz recommended Geniux, the truth is we could find no evidence that he actually recommended Geniux. It probably goes without saying that Dr Oz’s name has been used around Geniux. Some folks associate Dr Oz with their product in order to generate hype and to give the product some credibility. However Dr Oz hasn’t recommended Geniux as he has categorically stated that he is not a paid spokesman for any product and never has been. As we say there have been suggestions that there has been an association between Geniux Dr Oz but we think that is spurious for the reasons outlined above and the manufacturers of Geniux have made no assertion of any link to Dr Oz either.

Has Dr Oz Ever Discussed Nootropics Like Geniux?

He did discuss the ingredients in so called “smart pills” in one of his programs and his expert guest pointed out that many of these nootropics contain high levels of caffeine which in itself works to make you more focused but wouldn’t necessarily have to be purchased as a separate supplement. She also thought that the science around creatine another common nootropic ingredient was not supportive of a link to increased mental awareness. One ingredient that she did think showed promise was Acacia Rigidula which has actually had some decent medical research results. That research only goes back to the mid-1990s and it appears that it can help concentration levels and does not have the side effects associated with some drugs and indeed some natural compounds. The interview was very short and if you take a look at thegeniux ingredients you will see that it is does not contain caffeine but another compound called Guarana, a natural stimulant and less addictive form of caffeine. There are none of the other ingredients which the Dr on the Dr Oz show dismissed as of little efficacy. Geniux does however contain Acacia Rigidula which the Dr thought showed some promise.

Having said that there there are ingredients in Geniux which have a proven track record of having an effect on the memory. Ingredients such as Alpha GPC which is natural choline which is derived from soya. This is not a drug, it is a natural food supplement and is available as such. It is however sold at great cost to treat Alzheimers and other dementia issues. Alpha GPC is one of the major parts of Geniux and will help to improve memory and focus. Another element is Glutamine which has been found to lift the mood and is enhanced in combination with Vitamins B6 and B12.
So whilst Geniux has not been recommended by Dr Oz, the ingredients within Geniux are certainly ones that have shown to have memory and focus advantages.

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