Brain Supplements: Finding The Right Brain Boosting Supplements

What To Look For In Brain Supplements

brain boosting supplementsBrain supplements have become quite popular in the market and finding them should not be a problem. During the course of life, people experience memory losses and various deficiencies partly as a direct result of aging and also due to different factors. The demand for brain supplements keeps growing especially since people want to become more active to deal with the ever increasing challenges of modern lifestyles. When looking for brain boosting supplements, there are a few things to take note of. Not all products sold as brain supplements are safe and while retailers will often promote their offers as the ultimate options, this is seldom the case. So how do you find the best supplement that will meet your requirements without compromising on health?

Brain or memory supplements are basically taken to enhance various brain functions that range from activeness to cognition, intense focus, memory retention, awareness and even relaxation. There are different types of supplements that exist today although not all are approved. It is thus important to keenly evaluate any supplement you are feeding your brain. Some of the things to look for in brain supplements include the following;



Has the supplement been carefully researched?
Find your therapeutic dosage
Cost and value
Company reputation
What is the best supplement and where can you find them?


Brain supplements can help you increase your brain functions tremendously and lead to a more active, healthy and happier lifestyle. However, it is important to find safe approved and effective products that will not only meet your requirements but also have no negative impact. Users are advised to purchase supplements from credible licensed distributors who can guarantee original genuine quality. Money-back guarantees are attractive but should not be reason enough to purchase a supplement that can potentially increase health risks.



The Genius of the Geniux Supplement Ingredients

How The Geniux Supplement Ingredients Can Help You

geniux supplementBefore we start taking any new supplement, it is only natural that we should want to ask questions and want some answers about its health benefits. The fact is that, adding a new supplement such as the Geniux supplement to our daily healthy routine, is just as important as considering taking a new conventional prescription drug. What are the Geniux supplement ingredients that make it so effective and safe at the same time?

We often consider that conventional medication is unsafe, but some herbal supplements may be just as unsafe. It all has to do with the ingredients, not all supplements contain safe ingredients. However, this is where the Geniux Supplement differs.








What does this mean and how does it benefit me?
But, I am experiencing other problems as well..
But, I am feeling depressed as well, how can Geniux help?
Great, but I still have a problem with my energy levels. Can Geniux help me with that?
I read so much about damage to brain cells. Can Geniux help me with that?
My doctor has suggested Tyrosine. Does the Geniux supplement contain Tyrosine?

Geniux Ingredients – The Full List Exclusive

The Ingredients In Geniux Are Truly Awesome !They Are Also In Adderin

We never stop researching once we get our teeth into a nootropic supplement and in this case, Geniux Ingredients have once more fallen under our scrutiny … We have just discovered some very hidden material which sheds more light upon the ingredients included within the Geniux Supplement AND those are also contained in Adderin the Geniux alternative as Geniux is presently off the market.

new geniux ingredients order

Below, you will see two images captured from a secret page which we ‘accidentally’ discovered whilst doing our research. You can see from those two images that some of the geniux ingredients our scientists mention further down this page have been confirmed, while others are additional ingredients captured on-screen. We shall be amending our list as soon as possible, once our in-house scientist has cast her eyes over the data and replaced / amended the mixture to give geniux, yet again, the best possible stack of nootropics for the manufacturers claims.

In the mean time, you can rest assured, we still believe this to be the best brain boosting and energy giving nootropic available . .a big thumbs up from us !

geniux ingredients research

This Screen Capture Confirmed Our Research Material

geniux ingredients new research

These Are All New Geniux Ingredients !



new geniux ingredients orderThese Are All New Geniux Ingredients !

Geniux Manufacturers Claim 20 Ingredients

So, what’s going on? … we have already claimed, and do so again, Geniux Ingredients are actually an upgraded version of a very successful brain enhancement supplement that was branded as ‘Brainfire’ … The manufacturers have since taken Brainfire off the market in preference to this new mix of ingredients in Geniux.

We believe this was done to match some of the more powerful nootropics available on the market such as addium, EVO, Neuroflexyn and others. They wanted to make the mix so that it packed more of an energy punch hence the inclusion of caffeine (guarana?) & tyrosine, Yet they have also, in our view kept the best aspects of Brainfire which was a little more gentle and targeted at the aging market.

So, again they have from our perspective come up trumps with these Geniux Ingredients, now targeting short term as well as long term memory and especially in the area of energy boosting the brain.

This is what the students and stressed out workers of today were screaming for and this is what the blend of ingredients in Geniux has provided. A solution for the mass market to counteract problems with lack of energy, foggy minds, focus, attention and many others we could mention.

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What Are The Ingredients In Geniux?

With over 2 centuries of experience between our team of doctors, scientists and a couple of the most tenacious researchers worldwide, we have taken a professional perspective of the Geniux Ingredients combining the best of Brainfire with our extensive knowledge of nootropics and especially natural ingredients that have an impact on brain health and nootropic efficiency.geniux ingredients comparison

Here are the 20 ingredients in Geniux as our current research reveals:

Geniux Ingredients #1 : Alpha GPC
Geniux Ingredients #2 : Acetyl-LCarnitine
Geniux Ingredients #3 : Acacia Rigidula
Geniux Ingredients #4 : Theanine
Geniux Ingredients #5 : Ginko Biloba
Geniux Ingredients #6 : Phosphatidylserine Complex
Geniux Ingredients #7 : St. John’s Wort
Geniux Ingredients #8 : Glutamine
Geniux Ingredients #9 : DMAE Bitartrate
Geniux Ingredients #10 : Bacopin
Geniux Ingredients #11 : Vinpocetine
Geniux Ingredients #12 : Bee Pollen
Geniux Ingredients #13 : Caffeine (Guarana)
Geniux Ingredients #14 : Eleuthero Root
Geniux Ingredients #15 : Gelatin
Geniux Ingredients #16 : Tyrosine
Geniux Ingredients #17 : Vitamin B6
Geniux Ingredients #18 : Vitamin B12
Geniux Ingredients #19 : Cognizin
Geniux Ingredients #20 : Gluconolactone

geniux ingredients list order

Geniux Is A Proprietary Blend !

geniux ingredientsIt states this quite clearly on the bottle, along with four ingredients that they are actually willing to make public.

A ‘Proprietary blend’ is an activity which can be located on the nutritional labeling of supplementary nutrients. Proprietary blend basically means that the health supplement offers numerous ‘health boosting’ ingredients, nevertheless there won’t be any mention concerning the ‘quantities’ by which they are found.

The explanation for a ‘proprietary blend’ being placed on a supplementary ‘foodstuff’ is to help keep the total amount and proportion of each individual ingredient within the formulation as a ‘trade secret’ to counteract replicating of the formula by various other unscrupulous competitors.

What we do not know and probably will never find out is the ‘proprietary blend’ of these geniux ingredients. However from our findings thus far, we believe this to be a real contender for being the #1 brain enhancing nootropic. A real brain booster with really powerful natural ingredients!

Understanding the ingredients of any supplement is vital. Most supplements are perfectly safe, like Geniux ingredients, but we are all interested in what we put in our bodies. Some supplements, such as Geniux, contain more than one ingredient, and it is therefore important to appreciate that they may be effective on more than one level. But, why are Geniux ingredients effective on more than one level, and what else do they effect apart from the brain?

For instance you may find that the same supplement ingredient which is effective when it comes to treating memory problems can also treat circulatory problems, and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Geniux is just such a supplement. It can help you to improve many brain functions, but at the same time it can also help to improve your general health. Vitamin B6 and B12 are required by many functions in the body, and most of us know how important they are to our entire body.

There are many reason why you should consider adding the Geniux supplement to your daily healthy living routine as it can help you to improve your brain health and so much more. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most versatile and better supplements on the market today. Geniux ingredients truly are best in test!

ingredients in geniux order


Buy Geniux With Confidence

We Want You To Buy Geniux With Confidence

buy geniux risk freeWith all the stress and strenuous activities life comes with, you might find yourself losing focus and memory as you age and with all the scientific improvements on almost anything, you might be thinking that a brain booster is the way to go. Now, there are many different kinds but if you are considering getting Geniux, then this article will shed some light on the product and help you decide if you should or should not buy geniux.



What Is The Deal With Buying Geniux?

Geniux is an advanced brain supplement pill that is meant to reduce any memory loss effects through the increase of cognitive performance. The manufacturers of the product call it the ‘ultimate smart pill’ because, it will give you focus, enhance your memory as well as give you more energy. The claim is that it consists of all natural ingredients and should be taken every morning with a glass of water to give you sharper focus, clear memory and unlock your brains’ full potential. So, does this product work? Should you buy Geniux and give it a try? Only you can decide for yourself once you read all you need to know about the product throughout this website.

What Will It Do Exactly?

  • · Increase the brain reaction
  • · Increase memory recall
  • · Increase your energy
  • · Improve your memory and focusbuying geniux with confidence

How Does Geniux Work?

According to the manufacturer, this dietary pill will improve a persons’ long and short term memory to give them a more reviving and remembering ability than they had before. The claim is that, the ingredients used to create this product help to combat the effects of trauma, aging free radicals, which all result in memory decline. This improves the concentration level of the user making their thinking skills sharper and hence better performance in their daily lives. It is also claimed that, the product helps a user to stay calm, happy and relaxed by relieving them of stress.

What is the dosage?

The pills come with a bottle containing 30 pills, which should be taken for 30 days, one pill every morning. Of course, you might chose to have it some other time of day but it is recommended for morning before having breakfast because apparently, that will help you notice the changes you are expecting much better.purchase geniux now

How long does it take to show results?

Just like most supplements, geniux works differently for different individuals and the time will vary. Some will take a month and others will take longer but the manufacturer actually claims that there might be some change within a few minutes of taking the pill.

Where Can You Buy Geniux?

You can easily purchase this product from the official website or from Amazon. It tends to be more expensive if you buy just one bottle, but if you are buying in bulk, then the price decreases quite significantly and if you are buying from Amazon there is a shipping option. If you order it from the official site, there is a30 day money-back guarantee although you will have to send the bottle back on your expense and pay a $5 restocking fee.where can you buy geniux

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Geniux?

  • · Once you make a purchase, there is a money back guarantee
  • · It is made in an FDA cGMP facility
  • · The ingredients are claimed to be natural


Like most of the smart pills in the market, Geniux has some hype related claims however once you consume as much information as you can from our website, you will see that the claims are more genuine than not.

Our team of researchers, health professionals, writers and website wizards <smile> are split around the world .. so we carried out our own test

We purchased 3 bottles of Geniux

  • All 3 bottles were shipped to our resident Doctor in Pennsylvania, USA and then 2 of the bottles were distributed .. 1 to the UK & 1 to Spain
  • All 3 ‘guinea pigs’ consumed Geniux as we lead hectic lives and often need an extra boost in focussing on the tasks we perform on a daily basis
  • USA result from the doc himself … ‘definite improvement in morning performance’ … ‘have now switched to an afternoon regime to get me thru the evening shift, no reduction in performance’
  • UK result from our webmaster … ‘after a long night of coding and design the benefits in removing that morning brain fog after little sleep is invaluable to get going again’ … ‘thumbs up from me’
  • Spain result from one of our overworked writers … ‘what have you done to me?’ … ‘I suppose you’ll expect even more articles now what with my production through this test’ … ‘focus is lazer sharp and a little buzzy but I like it !’purchased 3 bottles

Nootropics have been around for quite some time now, if you feel you want to try the product, as they say, it is risk free. You can go ahead and buy Geniux through their website and make your purchase. We even show you on how to save money through applying Geniux Discount Coupons. Now you know what you should know about Geniux. Go on. Buy it today!