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The Ingredients In Geniux Are Truly Awesome !They Are Also In Adderin

We never stop researching once we get our teeth into a nootropic supplement and in this case, Geniux Ingredients have once more fallen under our scrutiny … We have just discovered some very hidden material which sheds more light upon the ingredients included within the Geniux Supplement AND those are also contained in Adderin the Geniux alternative as Geniux is presently off the market.

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Below, you will see two images captured from a secret page which we ‘accidentally' discovered whilst doing our research. You can see from those two images that some of the geniux ingredients our scientists mention further down this page have been confirmed, while others are additional ingredients captured on-screen. We shall be amending our list as soon as possible, once our in-house scientist has cast her eyes over the data and replaced / amended the mixture to give geniux, yet again, the best possible stack of nootropics for the manufacturers claims.

In the mean time, you can rest assured, we still believe this to be the best brain boosting and energy giving nootropic available . .a big thumbs up from us !

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This Screen Capture Confirmed Our Research Material

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These Are All New Geniux Ingredients !



new geniux ingredients orderThese Are All New Geniux Ingredients !

Geniux Manufacturers Claim 20 Ingredients

So, what's going on? … we have already claimed, and do so again, Geniux Ingredients are actually an upgraded version of a very successful brain enhancement supplement that was branded as ‘Brainfire' … The manufacturers have since taken Brainfire off the market in preference to this new mix of ingredients in Geniux.

We believe this was done to match some of the more powerful nootropics available on the market such as addium, EVO, Neuroflexyn and others. They wanted to make the mix so that it packed more of an energy punch hence the inclusion of caffeine (guarana?) & tyrosine, Yet they have also, in our view kept the best aspects of Brainfire which was a little more gentle and targeted at the aging market.

So, again they have from our perspective come up trumps with these Geniux Ingredients, now targeting short term as well as long term memory and especially in the area of energy boosting the brain.

This is what the students and stressed out workers of today were screaming for and this is what the blend of ingredients in Geniux has provided. A solution for the mass market to counteract problems with lack of energy, foggy minds, focus, attention and many others we could mention.

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What Are The Ingredients In Geniux?

With over 2 centuries of experience between our team of doctors, scientists and a couple of the most tenacious researchers worldwide, we have taken a professional perspective of the Geniux Ingredients combining the best of Brainfire with our extensive knowledge of nootropics and especially natural ingredients that have an impact on brain health and nootropic efficiency.geniux ingredients comparison

Here are the 20 ingredients in Geniux as our current research reveals:

Geniux Ingredients #1 : Alpha GPC

Despite the unusual name, Alpha GPC is a natural choline which is derived from soya. It may sound like a conventional drug but it is far from it. However, it goes to prove that many traditional pharmaceutical companies use natural drugs and resell them as their latest revolutionary medicine.

Alpha GPC will treat Alzheimer's disease and other dementia related disorders. At the moment, this natural substance is sold at great costs to many patients promoted as the latest development. No one has developed Alpha GPC, it has been naturally available as a food supplement for a long time.

Alpha GPC is an important part of the Geniux supplement, and can help to improve your mental faculties such as learning, improve your memory skills and help you to think faster. Students using the supplement show enhanced learning skills.

Geniux Ingredients #2 : Acetyl-LCarnitine

This is a very important amino acid for the entire body, not only for the brain. All amino acids are building blocks of proteins, and this is really what makes them so versatile. Not only can Acetyl -L- Carnitine help us to think better, but it will help the body to produce energy. It is included in many conventional treatments for depression, nerve pain and poor circulation.

It also helps the body to boost testosterone levels, and it will also together with tysorine help to treat disorders such as erectile dysfunction, and Peyronie's disease. Scientists are also exploring its use as a fertility treatment, and further more it is known to treat Lyme disease.

It's purpose in the Geniux supplement is to improve memory function and help to increase energy levels. However, as a “sideline” it can have many other health benefits at the same time.

Geniux Ingredients #3 : Acacia Rigidula

If you stumbled across the Acacia Rigidula in Mexico, you might think that it is nothing really to write home about. This small tree that looks more like a shrub, is now at the forefront of medical research.

Scientists have been working with compounds found in the tree since early 1996, and are still unsure how they can make best use of them. One thing they do know, is that it can help to increase dopamine levels. This means it is an effective weight loss remedy, and can even help to treat depression. But, can it do more than that?

Like many natural compounds, it can be difficult to identify all of the benefits all at once. However, it is now known that it can help to increase concentration levels in the same way as the herb rosemary. The downside of rosemary is that it can cause epileptic fits, Acacia Rigidula does not have that side effect. But, just like rosemary it helps to aid a better memory function and increases endurance.

Geniux Ingredients #4 : Theanine

This is just a great mood enhancer and soother, but can it do more than that? Perhaps this is the latest answer to how we can improve our immune systems. Theanine is found in green tea leaves. Green tea is very popular with sufferers of immune disorders, and perhaps this explains why.

More research needs to be done, but it seems that theanine can help to boost our immune systems. This is very important when it comes to any type of of inflammatory disease and even heart disease. Theanine is very soothing without making you tired, so it might make a good future drug to help to control blood pressure. Blood pressure is always improved when the arteries are more relaxed, and maybe theanine can help with that.

Geniux Ingredients #5 : Ginko Biloba

So much has been written about the health benefits of Gingko biloba over the years that it hardly needs an explanation. The main health benefit is still blood circulation, and it can make an effective against the fight against cellulite, but can it do more?

Our eye sight is important to us, and we know that people with better eye sight, have better memory. Gingko can help to improve you eyesight by improving the blood flow to the back of your eye. This means it can also help to treat some eye diseases such macular degeneration.

It is also being investigated as a solution to arthritis in major joints such as the knee joint. Frequent users of the supplement seem to suffer less from arthritis.

Geniux Ingredients #6 : Phosphatidylserine Complex

Of course, it is important for the brain as it is used by the brain to support good cell structure, but does this work for other areas of the body as well? The simple answer is yes.

This natural remedy can be used by all cells in the body, and it s quickly absorbed by the blood stream. It seems to have the ability to recognize damaged cells. How it does this researchers are not sure about, but better cell replication naturally leads to less disease. It is part of cell structure, and we can perhaps help our bodies by taking it as a support supplement. Good cell structure is one of the most vital components of good health.

Geniux Ingredients #7 : St. John’s Wort

This is a very mild anti-depressant which can be useful when it comes to lifting your mood. However, can it affect SAD (Season adjustment disorder)? According to recent research it may make the ideal candidate for a remedy for SAD. If, we can isolate the components which make it so effective, we can use it to treat SAD.

But, St Johns Wort can also treat certain hormonal disorders. It seems to want to balance hormones, and this is why ladies using the contraceptive pill should never take it. St Johns Wort will immediately strive to balance the hormones, and will render the Pill ineffective. But, maybe as a treatment for menopausal symptoms, it can make the ideal companion once periods have finally stopped. It is known to reduce hot flushes and help ladies going through the menopause sleep better.

Geniux Ingredients #8 : Glutamine

This is a very important amino acid which the body needs more than anything in times of stress. It will help us to think better and make us seem and appear more clear minded. Just like many other active ingredients found within the Geniux compound it can do so much more.

Believe it or not, it can help you to lose weight. It does this by breaking down proteins more effectively. We don't actually need to eat that much protein, but we certainly need to make good use of it. Our bodies find this really difficult today as we eat such as complexed diet. An addition of glutamine will help your body to make the most out of the protein you eat.

It also helps sufferers of IBS and Crohn's disease, and treats other digestive disorders. But there is more … it has now also been found to lift your mood and is enhanced by the addition of vitamin B6 and B12. No wonder we are seeing it in Geniux!

Geniux Ingredients #9 : DMAE Bitartrate

Yes, this certainly belongs in Geniux as it increases alertness, improves your memory and focus. But, can it help with nerve pain?

Chronic Fatigue syndrome is very common these days, and shingles are even more common. Both health conditions have nerve pain as a common denominator, and as many sufferers of shingles know, it can be very painful. New drugs are being trialled all the time, and it has been found that DMAE bitartrate can help to treat nerve pain. If this is right, it is a really exciting discovery and will make a good natural solution to other health conditions which can have nerve pain as a pronounced syndrome.

Geniux Ingredients #10 : Bacopin

This helps to restore cellular function in the brain, and can also improve memory and help you to concentrate better. Both of these are common problems as we age. What else can it do?

Heart damage normally follows a heart attack, but if we can repair it quickly, we may find that we can “ heal” the damage without using complicated procedure such as stem cell repair. Bacopin could perhaps help us to do just that. Research is ongoing but early results are promising.

Geniux Ingredients #11 : Vinpocetine

Fuel for the brain and fuel for the body. Athletes are always trying to improve their performance and endurance. When we feed our cells and muscles well, we can work out for longer an achieve better results.

Most athletes are quick to turn to steroids, and then do their best to disguise the use of steroids. But do they actually need to take them? Perhaps not, a recent trial in rats seems to indicate that both performance and endurance can be increased vinpocetine. The rats which were given Vinpoceteine were able to swim for longer and faster than the rats which were not fed the substance. Research is needed, but so far no ill effects have been reported by the team who carried out the experiment.

Geniux Ingredients #12 : Bee Pollen

Yes, in the Geniux supplement it is used as binder, but it is also an excellent resource for slow release energy. It can help us to absorb any kind of medication that we are taking better and make more effective use of the compounds.

But it can also help to support our nerves and may even be an effective treatment for asthma and many different kinds of eczemas

Geniux Ingredients #13 : Caffeine (Guarana)

we all know about caffeine, however we believe this ingredient may be Guarana, a natural stimulant and less addictive form of caffeine. We believe this to be Guarana because caffeine has a negative effect on Vitamin B12 ... another Geniux Ingredient

A natural stimulant which has been favoured by athletes for a long time as it does not have the same negative side effect as caffeine. It will help to provide you with gentle energy, instead of a fast rush to wake you up.

You will feel more clear headed for a longer period of time. If you are a morning runner, your body will thank you for Guarana. It will help to get you going, and you will also find that it will keep you going for longer. There is no sharp decline in energy as with coffee and caffeine. All together a much more gentle stimulant which will not raise your blood pressure.

Geniux Ingredients #14 : Eleuthero Root

This is another name for Siberian Ginseng, and helps to increase dopamine levels in the brain, but can it also treat diabetes type 2. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it has been used to treat diabetes for a long time.

The fact is that Diabetes is a real health concern, and Diabetes type 2 is on the increase across the entire world. Scientists and researchers are looking for new ways to treat diabetes, and our friends the mice might be able to tell us more. As we know mice will eat roots naturally, and mice in labs chewing on siberian ginseng, have much lower blood sugar levels even after eating sweets when compared to their counterparts which did not enjoy Siberian ginseng for breakfast.

Scientists are not clear on what is going on here, but something certainly is. Less blood sugar will of course also allow us to use our energy better

Geniux Ingredients #15 : Gelatin

this is the capsule coating

Geniux Ingredients #16 : Tyrosine

Yes, it is essential and without it our brains cannot produce dopamine. It also supports the production of neurotransmitters which are vital brain chemicals. Taking a look at tyrosine again, we will find it can do so much more.

It can help us in our sex lives and is an excellent alternative to Viagra without any of the side effects. The use of tyrosine around the body is pretty endless, and scientists are working hard to learn more about the body's ability to use tyrosine. It was rather ignored until recently, now it may even be the elixir of youth.

Geniux Ingredients #17 : Vitamin B6

Both B6 & B12 are vital for energy and helps us to maintain a healthy nervous systems. They also help to dissolve blood fats which is vital when it comes to having a healthy circulatory system.

But these two unsung heroes will also help to balance our hormones, digest our food and boost our immune system. The vitamin B group is the group of vitamins which are body gets the least of but uses the most of. Adding more fresh food such as fruit and vegetables to your diet help. But, quitting smoking and drinking less alcohol are important as well.

Geniux Ingredients #18 : Vitamin B12

See Vitamin B6 above ...

Geniux Ingredients #19 : Cognizin

This is a trademarked natural product which does not carry any health risks. It will, however, help you to improve your memory recall, increase your attention span and sharpen your focus

Geniux Ingredients #20 : Gluconolactone

a natural blending agent derived from corn ...

You will also notice that the Geniux supplement contains gelatin and gluconolactone. Gelatin is used in the capsule's skin and gluconolactone is a natural blending agent. They are both normal ingredients in natural supplements, and a lot less harmful than artificial binders, fillers and blending agents.

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Geniux Is A Proprietary Blend !

geniux ingredientsIt states this quite clearly on the bottle, along with four ingredients that they are actually willing to make public.

A ‘Proprietary blend' is an activity which can be located on the nutritional labeling of supplementary nutrients. Proprietary blend basically means that the health supplement offers numerous ‘health boosting' ingredients, nevertheless there won't be any mention concerning the ‘quantities' by which they are found.

The explanation for a ‘proprietary blend' being placed on a supplementary ‘foodstuff' is to help keep the total amount and proportion of each individual ingredient within the formulation as a ‘trade secret' to counteract replicating of the formula by various other unscrupulous competitors.

What we do not know and probably will never find out is the ‘proprietary blend' of these geniux ingredients. However from our findings thus far, we believe this to be a real contender for being the #1 brain enhancing nootropic. A real brain booster with really powerful natural ingredients!

Understanding the ingredients of any supplement is vital. Most supplements are perfectly safe, like Geniux ingredients, but we are all interested in what we put in our bodies. Some supplements, such as Geniux, contain more than one ingredient, and it is therefore important to appreciate that they may be effective on more than one level. But, why are Geniux ingredients effective on more than one level, and what else do they effect apart from the brain?

For instance you may find that the same supplement ingredient which is effective when it comes to treating memory problems can also treat circulatory problems, and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Geniux is just such a supplement. It can help you to improve many brain functions, but at the same time it can also help to improve your general health. Vitamin B6 and B12 are required by many functions in the body, and most of us know how important they are to our entire body.

There are many reason why you should consider adding the Geniux supplement to your daily healthy living routine as it can help you to improve your brain health and so much more. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most versatile and better supplements on the market today. Geniux ingredients truly are best in test!

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