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nootropicsGeniux Nootropic Supplement now replaced by BrainPill, is one brain supplement that has been given the description the ultimate smart pill by users across the world. This nootropic pill enhances your memory and gives you focus and energy. The nootropic formula behind it was the subject of some research before being produced by a leading US manufacturer in an FDA approved laboratory. This supplement is so fast acting that some do feel its effects shortly after using it although for optimum results it is best used for at least a month. You can read more about BrainPill or click the link below.

geniux nootropic supplement

What Geniux Does

The Geniux supplement is very effective because it tries to hit each and every aspect of what you need from a brain supplement. Its formula is a blend of herbal extracts, which work together to increase your memory, vision, focus, mental energy and concentration.

Geniux hopes to lay claim to being the real limitless pill, just like many natural nootropics out there. In a real sense, this supplement does exactly what it was meant to do.

Geniux Side Effects

One important thing every user has to consider before using any supplement is whether the supplement is safe for use or not. The research around the ingredients found in this brain supplement is fairly extensive, and there is no tangible evidence that would show that this supplement has any adverse side effects for the majority of users.

In fact, according to the reviews from other users, this supplement could be considered among the safest nootropics products available on the market. It has been around for a couple of years now and no there have been no adverse recorded side effects.

geniux nootropic

You are not likely to experience any serious side effects whatsoever, and from what has been seen from the research into the geniux ingredients, the only notable side effects are nausea and slight headache. There may, of course, be other reasons for those side effects and it is entirely possible that other factors may have been responsible for the symptoms.

Note that this supplement is intended for adult (over 18 years) use only. This supplement should not be used by nursing moms, pregnant women or children. If you are not sure whether or not the supplement is right for you, be sure to talk to your doctor.

Benefits of The Geniux Nootropic Supplement

Clears Up Brain Fog

For many this is the most important benefit of Geniux. If you’re always in a brain fog, you know just how awful the feeling can be. Geniux nootropics supplement can clear all the fog up, and you will finally be able to think and focus on concepts. You may feel like a heavy weight has been lifted and focusing can become much easier. Lack of focus is a particular problem for students and Geniux is one of the leading nootropics for studying.

geniux nootropic supplements

Learn Better And Faster.

Geniux can enhance visual learning and can help you to understand more complex questions more easily.

Improve Long And Short-Term Memory.

Geniux not only enables you to remember the name of someone you met the other day, but also the person you met four months ago. It will make you have much easier time retaining information both over the long term and short time. You will not lose your keys as often. You will forget names no more. And you will no longer lose coding skills.

Enhance Your Energy and Fight Fatigue. 

This supplement is the best for you if you suffer from low energy levels. Imagine waking up feeling refreshed, and staying alerted all day long. Geniux can help make that happen.


Focus With Laser-like Intensity. 

Brain fog may make your brain totally unable to concentrate. Brain fog or lack of focusing clarity can be disturbing and frustrating. It’s easier sometimes to let the mind drift aimlessly than try and focus and this can become a hard habit to crack. Using a nootropic supplement like Geniux can help you begin to concentrate again.


When you are unable to focus or get the work done, it can be stressful. Geniux nootropic supplement can help you do a lot more with less effort, so that’s a very relaxing feeling. Also, the Geniux ingredients can help fight that stress as some of the natural ingredients have that beneficial side effect.

Geniux Recommended Dosage

Serving size- one capsule. Thirty servings per container. One bottle equals one month supply. Take a pill every morning. The cognitive blend found in each capsule start working supplying the brain with the necessary ingredients required to boost your memory, focus, and energy.


Your most valued asset is cognition and intellect, allowing you to control your personal universe.The human brain is wonderful and probably the most important organ in the body and keeping it functioning at the optimum can be difficult. Luckily, the Geniux nootropic supplement is a formula that helps keep your mind functioning at its peak.

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