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A Deeper Look Into Geniux – A Concise Review


Owing to the fact that the FDA does not regulate them, health supplements have always been controversial with some manufacturers being branded as scammers or liars. According to many geniux reviews, brain enhancers are among the top health supplements in the market. In this review, a product named Geniux claimed to contain all the essential nutrients for the optimal functioning of the brain. We analyzed many current reviews found on the internet, used our extensive pharmaceutical research facilities and report our finding in a much deeper fashion so that you are informed fully of all the facts, not just the opinions of other brain enhancement marketers trying to trash the Geniux brand with reviews heavily inclined to sell another product where those marketers make huge profits through the sale of a competing brain boosting supplement.

What is Geniux ?

Geniux is a brain enhancement supplement claimed to have a variety of mind-boosting benefits. According to the manufacturers, the product is packed with a fast acting formula that will boost ones focus, increase memory recall, improve reaction time, improve cognition and mental focus, and escalate ones overall mental performance. In fact, the manufacturers have branded the product as ‘the ultimate smart pill’

To make the user experience the above stated benefits, the product is said to contain 20 natural ingredients that are scientifically proven. These products, which “create intelligence”, have been discovered through decades of unrelenting research, claim the makers of Geniux.

The company promises the user that only one capsule of Geniux with a glass of water in the morning, or any other time when need arises, is all the user needs to feel a change within minutes. Well, some Geniux reviews have branded it as a total bluff and hence the need to go deeper to find out what this product really is.

What Ingredients Are Contained Within Geniux?

Unfortunately, the internet hasn’t got much to say about the ingredients, since there exists no label of ingredients on either the product or the website. Many websites suggest that this alone is definitely a big red flag. All that the manufacturers tell the buyer is that the product has 20 ingredients with no fillers. Nevertheless, according to some Geniux reviews and references at the bottom of the product’s website, it seems the product contains caffeine, manuka honey & tyrosine,

geniux review of ingredientsHere at Geniux Info we have researched this product extensively and are convinced that the Geniux brand is actually an upgraded blend of a previously know nootropic supplement that was available under the name of Brainfire.

We have gathered all of the ingredients contained within that product and come up with a concise list of Geniux Ingredients which you can view on another page within this website. There is a video available that discusses the statements we made above.

There are reasons why the manufacturers of Geniux do not wish it publicly known about the full complement of ingredients found in Geniux, the brain enhancement supplement market is currently worth over $3 billion a year and there is much inter-laboratory espionage and duplicating of nootropic supplements, normally with disasterous results … poor quality ingredients, incorrect blending, dangerous fillers used to make a product cheaper etc.

Does Geniux Really Work?

No strong evidence exists that the product works and neither is there a conclusive study in support of the product. Some Geniux reviews claim that there are a healthy number of fake testimonials about the product. Of all the listed ingredients, some reports point out that tyrosine might improve the performance of the brain in stressful conditions. It is said that the ingredient is good for alertness in the event that one did not get enough sleep. Well, no one knows the truth (or do we?). From ingredients stated above, people have been forced to draw varied and wild conclusions.

With no full information of the type and amount of ingredients contained in the product, it impossible to know the extent by which the claim that the product improves brain performance is true.

does geniux workGeniux Is a fairly new product (May 2015) into the nootropic supplement market and therefore honest reviews or testimonials are few and far between. We mentioned earlier on how unscrupulous marketers are flooding the market with fake reviews to simply debunk the true effectiveness of Geniux. They do this to maintain a stranglehold on the brain enhancement market with inferior supplements. We do not believe in this type of marketing, we prefer to bring the facts to the table for you to make an informed and impartial decision.

Is Geniux Safe?

With its ingredients, the product should generally be safe for health. However, since it contains bee pollen, those who are sensitive to it will definitely experience reactions. With that, it is imperative to get a doctors approval before using the product. Shortness of breath and swelling are some of the manifestations of the allergy. In extreme cases, the sensitivity to pollen can lead to anaphylaxis. If combined with blood thinners, the product may increase bleeding. People under medication should be careful while using the product. Additionally, the caffeine in the product may cause insomnia, jitteriness or increase the heart rate. Caffeine is known to interact with stimulants, antibiotics and depression drugs. In addition, eleuthero root is not good with patients who suffer from sadness and anxiety. Some Geniux reviews explain that the product has an effect on one’s blood sugar level hence it is not the best choice for people with diabetes.

geniux safetyAs with all supplements we advise you carry out due diligence and if concerned in any way then consult with a medical practitioner before purchase. Under no circumstances will this website or it’s owner be liable for any damages, whether physical, material or psychological in nature by the use or misuse of the information presented via this website.

Does Geniux Have Any Legitimate Benefits?

The Internet View : Through two effective ingredients, the product might have a positive impact on a person’s cognitive functions. However, the benefits might not be as huge as claimed by the manufacturers. The benefits of caffeine controlled by eleuthero extract will be apparent. These two products look effective in the long run and are not in record as hazardous to one’s health. The pollen might also be beneficial to health.

geniux benefitsAs you view various pages and posts within this website we shall add many more benefits of Geniux, especially when you read through our list of Geniux Ingredients.

Geniux’s advanced formula is made of pure ingredients backed by decades of extensive research. However, good ingredients by themselves is not enough. We believe in precision formulation. What does this mean? It means we spend more time (and much more money) to determine the exact amounts of each ingredient to put in. This means you get everything Geniux is meant to deliver and zero filler ingredients.

Where Can One Buy Geniux?

By going to the Geniux official website, one can order the product. We have a link to the Geniux order page in the sidebar. The sellers ship to Canada and the US. Normally, one can buy a bottle of Geniux containing 30 capsules at $47. Additionally, extra offers like 5 bottles grossing at $95 and 3 bottles at $87 are also available. The company promises a 30-day money back guarantee for those ordering for the first time.

To benefit from this policy, the buyer must contact the company within 20 days after the product reaches them. The complaint must reach the company before the 30 days window expires. After ordering the product, customers will wait for 7 days before it reaches them. It is important for newbies to avoid the larger packs, at least until they get the feel of how the product works with their bodies.

So What Is The Final Verdict?

The Internet View : Just like many other health supplements on the market today, Geniux promises a lot but there is no explicit evidence supporting the claims. Only a few of the ingredients have been linked to some research.

The makers of the manufacturers say it has fast acting 20 natural ingredients that have a scientific backing. It almost looks like a mockery since the ingredients are not listed. Customers might be drawn to other products with a full list of ingredients. No clinical tests by a medical organization have been done on the product to shade light on its safety or the alleged benefits. Most nootropic supplements do the same.

geniux reviews conclusionGeniux Info is hard to come by via the internet generally, however we have expert researchers and health professionals on our team.

Only by being informed truthfully can you make an educated decision. We’re here to provide exactly that and having extensively researched this nootropic supplement through numerous Geniux Reviews, Speaking to Geniux Distributors, Researching and Comparing older versions of the product, used a whole heap of common sense, found the secret source of many of the claims that we can recommend geniux as a legitimate brain enhancer