The Genius of the Geniux Supplement Ingredients

How The Geniux Supplement Ingredients Can Help You

geniux supplementBefore we start taking any new supplement, it is only natural that we should want to ask questions and want some answers about its health benefits. The fact is that, adding a new supplement such as the Geniux supplement to our daily healthy routine, is just as important as considering taking a new conventional prescription drug. What are the Geniux supplement ingredients that make it so effective and safe at the same time?

We often consider that conventional medication is unsafe, but some herbal supplements may be just as unsafe. It all has to do with the ingredients, not all supplements contain safe ingredients. However, this is where the Geniux Supplement differs.

What does this mean and how does it benefit me?

A very good question and a question you should always ask. First of all, let's take a look at a few simple examples of interaction of the vital ingredients of the Geniux supplement. It contains both vitamin B6 and B12. Both of these vitamins are needed for energy as well as healthy brain function.
When you don't have enough of them, you will start to feel fussy headed and suffer from memory problems.

As part of the Geniux supplement they also fullfil another vital function. Uniquely, they team up with glutamine and theanine. During stressful times in your life your body will require more of all of vitamin B6 and B12. This is simply because it needs to increase its production of theanine to help you achieve a calmer mood and better mental clarity. Without both B vitamins our bodies would not be able to produce glutamine.

It may now be easier to appreciate some of the “working relationships” with the Geniux supplement.

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But, I am experiencing other problems as well..

The manufacturers of Geniux have realized that good brain health is about more than one or two ingredients, so there is no need to worry. Do you remember that Gingko Biloba was listed as one of the key ingredients? Well, Gingko Biloba will increase your blood circulation, and this means that the active ingredients of Geniux, will be delivered quicker to where they are needed. Gingko sometimes needs a partner to work better, and Vinpocetine makes the perfect memory support partner.

Looking at the list again, you will find Acetyl-LCarnitine listed as one of the ingredients. Many of us do not have enough support of this vital “brain friend” but it is crucial for better brain function. Regular intake of Acetyl-LCarnitine will lead to better cognitive function and will certainly boost mental alertness.order geniux supplement

But, I am feeling depressed as well, how can Geniux help?

Many people complain about feeling a bit depressed. Our modern hectic lifestyles do very little to lift our moods, and this is why the manufacturers of Geniux have added the herb St Johns Wort. This herb has been used since ancient times as a mood enhancer, and in the Geniux supplement it is supported by Acacia Rigidula.geniux supplement buy button

Great, but I still have a problem with my energy levels. Can Geniux help me with that?

Yes, it can. Energy is important for the brain, but at the same time you don't want to “over energize” the brain. This would cause it to go into overdrive, and you may end up with headaches and a feeling of not being able to think straight.

Professor Einstein did get it right when he said that a small amount of matter equals a large amount of energy. Applying this principal to supplement production, you will find that the manufacturers of Geniux once again has got it right.

This is the only nootropic, or brain health supplement, to contain the right spread of ingredients.
Alpha GPC, DMAE Bitartrate, Bee Pollen, Eleuthero Root and Guarana are all associated with better energy and increased levels of mental cognitive. When you increase the energy levels of the brain mental decline is less likely to occur, and this will lead to a better quality of life whether you are 30 years old or 70 years old. Our bodies are able to use all four ingredients as long as we geniux supplement

I read so much about damage to brain cells. Can Geniux help me with that?

Yes, it certainly can. Once again we need to go back to the list of ingredients to find out how Geniux can help. Protecting your brain cells and improving the structure is important when it comes to reducing inflammation.

Inflammation does not only take place in our joints, it can affect every cell in our body including our brain cells. Common symptoms of inflammation of brain tissue, or brain cells, include headaches, difficulties with concentration and poor mental alertness.

The fact is that our brains are reliant on several properties, and substances, to make it work. Looking at the list provided by the manufacturers you will come across Phosphatidylserine Complex , Bacopin and Cognizin. These four musketeers will help to increase the support for healthier and stronger brain cells. A lot of research is being conducted into Cognizin at the moment as it is know to aid better mental focus and memory, two of the main problems in any dementia related disorder.geniux supplement purchase

My doctor has suggested Tyrosine. Does the Geniux supplement contain Tyrosine?

First of all your doctor is right to recommend Tyrosine. We are learning more and more about the importance of neuro transmitters in the brain and their function. Tyrosine is an amino acid which can help your brain to produce dopamine and other neuro transmitters. All dementia suffers lack dopamine and so do many women going though the menopause. If, we can add more Tyrosine to our lives, we certainly should.

Needless to say, the manufacturers of Geniux have realized that, and Tyrosine is now part of the new style supplement. Geniux supplement ingredients have been well thought out and can work in conjunction with each other. This is a very important point and you need to ask yourself if other supplements contain as many active ingredients as the Geniux supplement. If, your current supplement doesn't, perhaps it is time to switchpurchase geniux supplement

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