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improving memoryWe are living longer than ever, and that means that we need to remember more than ever before. To live well, and enjoy life, it is important to be able to rely on good memory. Learning how improving memory can be fun, but, to remember  better can be even more fun. Let’s put it this way, your memory needs to come out and play a bit every day. Doing so will help to improve your memory, and you will also find that you remember “better” as I like to call it. I “play” with my memory every day, and I have to say that I really get a kick out of it. It is not difficult at all and it can be very enjoyable. As a matter of fact, it gives me the ultimate feel good factor.

Glenda’s Tips for Improving Memory

Being an owner of an active dog, I have to walk a couple of hours ever day. During my walks with my dog Sadie, I often stop to look at plants and flowers. Ever since I have been a little girl I have taken a keen interest in plants, and have both drawn and photographed them. On my walks, I come across new plants all of the time, and I photograph them. When I come back home, I look them up and may even write about them. Making a note of the Latin name of the plant is second nature to me, and helps me to play with my memory. The next time I see the plant, I try to remember the Latin name. So far, I have learned, and can remember, the Latin names of over 100 plants in the local area.
Reading is important to me as well. It is an activity that has been part of my daily life for a very long time. It may sound funny, I need to read something every day. When I start a new book, I make a little note of the main characters and what they are all about. This is actually a little tip that I picked up from a clever lady called Agatha Christie. Before I sit down and read my book again, I check with my own memory if I have remembered the characters correctly, and I then check my notes. Agatha Christie used to do the same thing before she started to write every day.
Crosswords really rock my world. My husband loves to watch car programmes on TV. It is not really my sort of thing, so I do crossword instead. I was born into a very international family in Venice, Italy and from the onset I seemed to have learned a number of languages. Today, I keep many of those languages alive by doing crosswords. But of course, I have to get my Italian “fix” from time to time, so we do travel to Italy. Would you like to know something funny which only happens to me in Italy? When somebody speaks to me in another language in Italy, my brain automatically translates into Italian. The only language I can “hear in my head” is Italian. Isn’t the brain amazing?

How to Improve Your Memory

I know that keeping my memory alive is vital. My great grandma died at the age of 107 years young a few years a go. Up until the day she died, she had excellent memory. Perhaps it was the Italian wine, or the healthy food she ate, but she did have a fantastic memory. She was a great believer in health foods and was one of the first in my family to jump on the supplement band wagon. As a physician, she did not see this as anything negative and was a staunch supporter of natural medicine every day of her life.

In order to say healthy, she took a range of supplements and thought they helped. A great believer in the power of herbs and natural vitamins, she took a vitamin B supplement every day of her life along with a supplement of Gingko Biloba plus ate half a bunch of celery for its high content of vital amino acids . My grandma was one of the healthiest people that I have ever known and I am following her lead. By taking a memory boosting supplement,I feel that I am getting the right mix of the necessary brain boosting ingredients which go a long way to improving memory.
Natural supplements have come along way in recent years. They are far more complete, and many of them contain a variety of health giving compounds. We know today that boosting your brain health is very important, perhaps we should all consider adding the right supplement to our daily diet, live for longer and LIVE BETTER.

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